World of Genericka

...madness...MADNESS I SAY!

Really? ... *sigh* ...

After the wizardess cast thunderstrike it all went downhill. Rocks fell, everyone died.

There was a bit more to it than that, but that’ pretty much the gist of it. Leu the Bard survived. The Cleric, Miranda, as well…but she’s wandering the woodlands, quietly humming to herself. Others? Dead. At least the dwarven warrioress got a personal welcome to the dwarven afterlife from a famous dwarven hero…so there’s that.

But, madness seemed to take hold of anyone and everyone that night at the camp fire. Even the two new “warlock twins” (devotee’s of the Elder Gods, so I’m going to say that was the reason for the craziness). Fighting, spells cast at foes, friends or perceived friends or foe. Who knows? Everyone was kung-fu fighting up until the end.

So… Leu is on his way back to the city of Coruvon. I guess he and Miranda are the “only survivors”, and Miranda is off on her own. Being a nature cleric, she may just end up staying in the woods, valley and along the banks of the mighty river to live her life and enjoy nature.

And thus, this story ends. Uncompleted. It will, however, make for an interesting back story for the new crop of heroes who find themselves in the area…




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