World of Genericka

The Ballad of Lerufic Verse 3

Wait, what? Where are we?

The necromancer and the undead are mostly a blur now. I must have been hit on the head really bad and been concussed the last few days. I am informed that we slew the zombie dogs and the necromancer and a wight. They had apparently captured some sort of nature priest and we rescued her, which is good cause the zombies ate most of the ranger guarding the exit. That we found a huge heavy iron rose and took it back to the frog god statue. Then we decided to go to a town deeper into the swamp.

I am told these things but have no recollection of them. I remember wandering around a swamp village sticking out of the muck. Though there is a cobbled road here it is unused since much of it is mired below the mud and swamp water. The insects are incredible, even worse than in the swamp itself, probably due to the town itself.

There is a dock and a couple boats that ply a river that flows slowly by. One appears to be a large river boat, that even the hired help need invitations to board. It could have been a respite from this swamp town but entry proved too much hassle to deal with at the moment. We headed deeper into the ‘town’. Though smaller than Coruvon the population seems about the same.

On a smaller raised area near the center of town is a stone wall dividing the haves from the have nots. The old watchman at the gate refused to let us through, presumably because my companions looked like they came from a swamp. We went through anyway and were met by a well dressed robed lady. Most likely some sort of magical enforcer. It seems like wherever you go there are people who will oppress the poor to keep power in the hands of the wealthy.

Not needing to incite an incident we left the upper town, and the town in general. The ladies stayed, presumably craving the comfort of a bed and a warm bath. The barbarian and I have no need of such comforts in a place like that. False comforts built on lies. Something is going on in that town and it isn’t something I want to be involved in. I can only save one town at a time right now.

When they were done the ladies joined us outside town on a lovely sunny day with just enough breeze to cool us and keep off the bugs. Gathering our gear we headed back into the swamp, along the magical boardwalk of course. We traveled then without incident to the lake which was the second location marked by the frog statue.

It was a strangely strait river that flowed from a large deep natural pool. In the center of the pool was the basket the frog god sent us for. After some negotiation we traded the nixies who claimed the pool and the basket for a floating conveyance we crafted. Afterwards we took some time for a bit of fun with the nixies.

It was about two months of fun, but worth every minute. We gained a wonderful story and had an excellent time for rest and recuperation. And so we set out again for the final item requested by the frog statue, some amber. we traveled without event until we once again reached the magical boardwalk. Once there we places some runners under the basket and pulled it along with us.

I must admit to poor construction in the sled, which fell apart before we even got to the first intersection. We carried the basket awkwardly until we reached an intersection. Then we stopped and the sorcerer and myself attempted to make a more durable travel system for the basket while the cleric and barbarian ventured into the swamp to find food.

When we heard the loud barbaric yop and screams and splashing we ran to lend a hand. These were obviously not the sounds of a successful hunt. We arrived in time to see two large alligators holding our limp companions firmly in their mouths. I attempted to scare one into releasing the cleric while the sorcerer worked on angering the other one. Both worked and our companions were released. Shortly we managed to revive our friends and kill or scare off the animals.

We then returned to the boardwalk and took what we could use of the gigantic alligator. We began moving in the direction of the next marked location. With luck it will gather the amber and be back at the frog statue soon.



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