World of Genericka

The Ballad of Lerufic Verse 4

Now we are getting somewhere.

The giant alligators were pretty rough. We took a couple days on the boardwalk to rest and recuperate. I prepped the alligator hide. The leather working tools in my cobblers kit were very helpful.

Then we carried on down the boardwalk to the place where the third item is supposed to be located, the pieces of amber. We traveled into the swamp towards the labyrinth of the rain god. We were blocked by a massive wall of thorns and brambles. As we followed it around we found an opening in the wall. We went in and explored corridors of thorny vines, eventually coming into a clearing with a large stone statue, supposedly of one of the three swamp ‘gods’ named Pluuge. Bearkiller saw a pool of water in the top of the statue and he pointed out some vegetable people lurking around the outside of the clearing.

When Bearkiller went to climb the statue and the veggy people attacked. We destroyed them and got the amber out of the pool in the statue. We then made it back to the boardwalk without incident. We headed back to give the final objects to the frog god statue. Then one evening on watch I heard something strange. When I looked out into the swamp I saw tentacles dragging some large mass towards us.

It was the third of the swamp gods coming to visit. It called itself Froom as it approached. So I got everyone up and we ran. it was almost as fast as we were and we got some distance, but knew it would eventually catch us, so we made our stand on the boardwalk. With teamwork and perseverance we managed to defeat Froom and destroy as much of the massive thing as we could.

Now we set out again, hopefully to make it to the frog god (probably called Rigool) and give him the items he asked for so we can get a key for the Dwarven fortress of Kuln. Then we can take care of the giants and then we can come back and fix the swamp and turn it back into what it is supposed to be and restore Coruvon.



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