World of Genericka

The Ballad of Lerufic Verse 5

Never trust a statue

So after visiting and defeating the other two swamp gods we got back to the frog god with the requested items. He ate them and instead of giving us a key he gave us a riddle that is supposed to lead to a key. Except the riddle references things we know nothing about. Poor riddle etiquette. If I were to create a statue and hide it where nobody ever saw it and I told nobody about it then made it the answer to a riddle, how is anyone supposed to answer that?

With nothing to show for three months in the swamp we returned to the town of Coruvon. Everyone went back to the inn, but I have bigger plans. I found a house recently vacated by a wealthy merchant, and moved in. Got a new lock installed and hung my shingle on the door.

We decided to check out something in the swamp we had bypassed. and going off the boardwalk a we found a small cave. Further searching found a larger cave nearby. Inside was a dead dragon and many dead creatures. also in the cave was a huge horde of treasure. It looked like the treasure had been there a while, almost untouched. Obviously a trap, but what kind? There was too much to leave without at least testing. Every person who went to check the treasure disappeared, which was everyone but me.

I waited until the next morning and there was no sign of their return. Nothing I did had any effect or revealed any sign of what happened to my companions. I returned to Coruvon to look for more information.



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