World of Genericka

The Tale of the Noble League

Down the Dark Chasm

And so the mighty Noble League set out to recover the dwarven artifact and save the dwarven citadel of Kuln, end the vile cursed swamp and restore the city of Coruvon and the surrounding lands.

The venture began well enough, fully equipped, with some new travelers to add strength and versatility to the group. The dwarf warrior Bardin, Zook the gnome druid, Urza the wizard and Silequay the dark elf ranger joined Miranda the cleric of nature and Lerufic the wandering bard to finish the mission that had taken many weeks and cost the lives of many brave adventurers.

The road to Kuln appeared blocked, but perhaps that is for the best as Giants had taken up guarding the way. The group had to slay one so he wouldn’t bring news of the group to his massive companions. Such news would surely end with the League being hunted and possibly and attack on the military city of Coruvon.

So it was decided to take the narrow mountain pass of the stone knight. And other than a strange blacksmith the trip was rather uneventful.

Getting into Kuln was no trouble, most of the main level had been cleared on previous expeditions. We searched many rooms and decided to take the stairs up. After a brief scare from a Banshee we fled and split up, coming back together before some impressive double doors. With a little magic we got the door open and defeated an ogre within. With the defeat of the ogre, we found its treasure and the third piece of the dwarven artifact.

Using her magic Miranda determined that the last piece was almost directly above us on a level of the citadel we had not yet explored. As we sought a likely spot for another stairwell, the wizard had an idea. We quickly vacated the area before Urza tried to bring the roof down. She brought down many stones which pelted the league but the citadel stood.

We found a comfortable room and decided to take a break. The dwarf found some armor and we dived up the ogres treasure and settled in. With a crash we woke, half the league had fallen into a chasm that had opened into the middle of the room. Ler and Silk were the last two safe. When they tried to rescue Urza, they were unsuccessful and Urza fell as well.

Too far down to try and get a rope to, they went back to the stairs and down to the bottom. Finding the chasm they also found the remains of the party, Bardin, Miranda, and Urza in the remains of the forge. In the attempt to save them Sil was also pulled into the chasm and dumped into the river, only Urza was eventually saved. Her and Lerufic searched for the others, but upon not finding them went out to the camp outside the citadel.

On the stairs up the encountered two mysterious dark robed figures. The encounter went poorly and the strangers disappeared. Back at the camp they found Miranda very wounded and the corpse of Silequay. Invisibly Lerufic asked Miranda if she needed help. She agreed that she had to be saved from the creepy robed strangers. Lerufic got her separated from the strangers with a harmless illusion. While speaking with her the strangers attacked with magic from hiding. Lerufic attacked one while Urza engaged the other. when Miranda recovered from her spell she ran away instead of aiding her companions. Urza stopped fighting and Lerufic told the lone stranger standing to leave or die. Then Urza attacked him and was struck down.

When the stranger took his companion and left, Lerufic grabbed Urzas stuff and returned to the camp and packed all the horses except Mirandas. He wrapped Silequay in a tent and put her on a horse, then with 5 horses he began the trip back to town paying the stone knight once again.

Getting back to town Lerufic updated the League charter and laid Silequay to rest. He looked deep into the three pieces of the dwarven artifact and decided he didn’t want to give up. He would find new members for the league, and this time he wouldn’t just take whoever decided to show up, he would assemble a team of skilled individuals, train with them and head back to Kuln when he felt that the league was ready, and comrade was built.

But whatever the case, Lerufic wasn’t done yet!



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