World of Genericka

Trials and Triumphs vol 1

The Return

It was a challenge the League faced in finding the four part triangle of the dwarves. The wrong people can make all the difference. The failings of our group were many, and we left Kuln within hours of entering it, Some dies, some broke under the strain, and some turned from their companions.

I am not sure what the deal with the strange robed priests was. They acted strangely upon the stairs within the citadel, they rescued Miranda from the river, then attacked us in the woods. I do know they sought the same dwarven artifact we hold the majority of, but as to their motivation or purpose I can only speculate, and such speculation is dark indeed.

I returned to Coruvon alone. It took some time to unwind and get my head strait after those events. Perhaps days, maybe a week, I am not sure. I am glad we had made arrangements for our own building in the city. I made plans and set affairs in order and then took time for myself. When I was ready to begin again I began organizing my affairs. That is when the Alabaster oracle showed up.

We spoke of the quest to this point, and I explained that I was not giving up. I lamented the loss of so many brave travelers and lamented those I had begun my journey with. She explained that for a price she may be able to help. IN time she returned and told me to take the pieces of my companions to the statue of the frog god, (where this all started). Before I left Miranda returned, and we went together into the swamp.

And for the second time, Bearkiller and Larissa left the swamp naked and without any equipment. But back in town we got them properly dressed and resupplied. While we made preparations to return to Kuln we were visited by a dwarf and a halfling who had heard of our adventures, mostly the successful ones I am sure, and were willing to join our band. Another strong weapon was welcome and we were in sore need of a stealthy companion who could get us into tricky places.

So we made ready to leave the next morning, when a storm arrived, but no normal storm, a deluge of rain and lightning, seemingly targeted at the buildings of the city itself. The waters of the river rose to flood an lightning destroyed wood and stone and began fired the rain did not douse. But in due course the storm passed thought the damage was great. Most of the buildings in the streets around our building were damaged or destroyed. I paid those nearby to help them in finding better luck in new locations while obtaining most of the land around us.

And the next night as we made preparations to leave there was a commotion at the gate. When we arrived the guards were fighting hopelessly against some undead monstrosity. A huge skeleton with three skulls and many arms was walking into the gates and slaying as he advanced. We quickly set upon the horror, and though the fire in his chest did flare to engulf us we were only scorched. It proceeded past us and attempted to lay waste to the city, where we finally put it down. Obviously some agency of considerable power wants to wipe Coruvon off the map and is beginning to take action to accomplish it. It is my hope that when the dwarven artifact is assembled it will protect Coruvon as well as Kuln as it restores the land from its swampy curse.

With no further delays we left, and had an uneventful return to Kuln. Venturing in we found our way to the upper level, and with some informed speculation from the dwarf we quickly found the stairs we sought to the higher level. But proceeding down the stairs was a strange floating creature. We dispatched it quickly, and a good thing too, Larissa suspects it was some type of Beholder, one of the mythic dangers to all adventurers.

Traveling up the stairs we found a large waiting room. one of the doors was frozen shut. It turned out to be an ice room, for the storage of cold and frozen goods, including a ghost.



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