Attractive young human looking bard.


Lerufic appears to be human most of the time. He keeps his long thin tail tucked away and has small swept back horns he can hide in his wavy sandy brown hair. He is physical very fit but not over muscled. Most women would find him attractive, usually to the point of distraction. (How would most people react if the most beautiful individual (male or female) they had ever seen on movies, TV, internet or advertisement sat down at a table with them and asked if they could join them for a cup of coffee.) That is the reaction Lerufic usually gets.

Not only is he amazingly and distractingly attractive, his voice is almost unnaturally strong and soothing, and when he sings his voice is a steady orotund sound with dynamic range beyond most humans capability.

He is quite charming and usually has a smile on his face. Lerufic prides himself on being able to defuse most social situations. Though he can’t stand bullies or those who victimize the weak.

Lerufic believes that all individuals should be able to enjoy pleasure in their lives. His most pleasurable activities are music and sex. He is somewhat of a hedonist, but he isn’t predatory about it. He would never try to seduce someone who wasn’t interested or had objections or complications that prevented enjoyable sex, such as female lesbians or happily married women. He doesn’t have any particular bias as to who or what he is willing to sleep with ether, beauty comes in many forms. He tries to find it wherever he can.


Lerufic left home young, he left his single mom to join a traveling troupe of musicians. After years on the road he began the journey home. He was almost home when he came to a village that was under threat by a horrible monster that terrorized the town.

At night they all locked themselves in their homes and waited till sunup. Livestock had been taken and on farmer said his daughter had been killed by the beast. The local lord in the nearby city refused to do anything to help. Ler decided to call out the beast. Just outside town he made a camp and began to play. Near morning he heard the roar of the beast. It hit his traps and was wounded but wasn’t killed, he fought the creature for almost an hour and the villagers came out just in time to see Lerufic leap over the beast and stab it through the back and into its heart.

He was hailed as a hero. It was some weeks later a man came to him from a nearby town. He told a story of how the mans town was being threatened by a group of bandits. Lerufic knew he couldn’t defeat a group of bandits but he wanted to help since the local lord once again offered no aid.. He set the man up in the village and went off to help the town.

He met the bandits and convinced them to let him join their rough band. At first he was treated with scorn and suspicion. After a few days he had convinced the desperate men to give up their lawless ways and join the town. All were offered amnesty except the bandit leader, he confided that the local lord had put him up to preying on the village so they would pay the lord more for protection. The bandit leader was hung but the others were allowed to try and become good citizens.

He decided to go to the city next. He found the people were oppressed by a horrible tyrant that was the city’s lord mayor. People had been sent to tell the king of the horrible lord but he was related to the king and none had returned. Lerufic rallied the people and began a rebellion. One night he snuck into the barracks of the Lord Mayors personal garrison and opened the doors of the armory.

The next day there was much fighting and it came to Lerufic to face the lord mayor in personal combat. They fought on the wall where everyone could see. As they fought the king arrived, but in the heat of battle Lerufic didn’t notice. The kings forces ended the fighting, but just as they reached the Lord Mayors fortress they saw Lerufic stab the lord mayor in the throat and watch him tumble off the tallest tower landing before the kings horse.

The king was going to remove the lord mayor but he could not pardon a man who would insight rebellion and killed one of his relatives. He ordered Lerufics death. But the people loved him and helped him escape the city, and the tyrannical king. After that he left the lands of that king and traveled down the road to unknown lands, and the black swamp.


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