The Alabaster Oracle

A beautiful, female, living statue.


A strikingly beautiful alabaster statue of a rather regal looking human woman. Standing exactly 6’ in height, she is impressive and imposing. She does not wear clothing, as her “clothes” are actually a part of her form. When she speaks, it sounds like a cool, smokey breeze. She never raises her voice much at all (weather she chooses to do so, or she is incapable of, is up for debate).


The Alabaster Oracle is the only name she knows. She is the unofficial mayor of the city known as Coruvon. The Oracle is the “wife” of the Frog God, who lives in the depths of the Black Mire.

The Oracle is gracious and truthful. She never lies, and will attempt to tell something of a persons future if so asked. She has 6 guards that protect her and look after any errands she needs done. When she does venture out to wander the streets, she wears water-proof boots of high quality, a bright red cloak, and four of her guards carry a large, red umbrella/carpet-like-cover over her when it rains. These guards are not human; they are some sort of lizard-like humanoid. They do not speak, and are deadly fighters. They are fanatically loyal to the Alabaster Oracle and will carry out her orders even unto death.

The Alabaster Oracle

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