World Stuff

Time is as per Earth normal. The names of the months are divided into 4 “elemental dominances”.

1 – Jun’icar – Water (“Icar”) – 31
2 – Feb’icar – 28*
3 – Mar’icar – 31
4 – Apr’unth – Earth (“Unth”) – 30
5 – May’unth – 31
6 – Jun’unth – 30
7 – Jul’luun – Fire (“Luun”) – 31
8 – Aug’luun – 31
9 – Sep’luun – 30
10 – Oct’vina – Air (“Vina”) – 31
11 – Nov’vina – 30
12 – Dec’vina – 31
*every leap year it’s 29

This campaign world will have a lot more availability of special items and equipment, including magic. Any magic item listed as Common is possible to buy, given enough time and money and a large enough location (re: city). An Uncommon item is possible, but unlikely, and also rather expensive.

Structures & Land
There is a lot of “unclaimed wilderness” out there. Nobles, kings, dukes, etc, are more than willing to let someone attempt to clear out some wilderness area and make a go of it… provided they swear fealty to them, of course.

In short, the basic ideas presented in Dark Dungeons can be used for “Dominions”. At least until something better comes along.

Generally speaking, only characters of 9th level or greater are deemed worth the risk. Lower level characters may try, but are likely to quickly find a large force of the neighboring lord’s army at their doorstep, thanking the PC for doing all the “preliminary work”.

This game world focuses on wild and crazy adventure. It hearkens back to the “good ol’ days” when kicking in the door, killing the monster and taking it’s treasure was the primary reason for adventuring. Horrendous monsters, fantastic magic and vast treasure awaits those smart, brave and lucky enough. Quick and uncaring death awaits those not up to the task of being an Adventurer.

The World of Genericka is what could, I guess, be termed “Old Skool Adventuring”. As DM, I’m not worrying about world-balance as much as I normally do. If something gets out of whack, I’ll just drop a cataclysm on the whole world and continue on. If something seems lacking, I’ll just turn it up to 11 for a session or two. No worries!

There are low level adventurers, mid level ones, and high level ones. The Terrasque does exist, and may wake up just in time for characters to hit level 18 or so.

In short… just have some fun and stop worrying!


Gods & Goddesses
The Eight Divinities
The Eight Divinities are the core deities of Genericka. Each deity represents the Prime Domains. Those domains are:

Prime Domain Common Name Pronunciation
Death “Thaerg” THAY-urg
Knowledge “Khormain” KOR-main
Life “Ahra” AH-ra
Light “Sekhth” seh-KETH
Nature “Melaru” mel-AH-ru
Tempest “Esh” EH-sh
Trickery “Mollom” mole-UM
War “Ilzhain” ill-jh-AINE


Social Structure
The normal, 5e “fantasy feudal system” is used.
There are, additionally, 3 “social strata” that are defined as:

  • Laws applied differently.
  • A Nobles word is accepted over non-nobles always, unless undeniable proof otherwise.


  • Honor and Status is based primarily on profession.
  • Social Status only increases through recognition by “betters” (e.g., nobility and other “rich, important people”).


  • Seen as “ouside” the normal social structure.
  • …commoners see them as semi-nobility.
  • …nobles see them as tools and pawns to be used to further their own social status and wealth.
  • There are Adventurer guilds as well as Adventuring Fellowships/Groups/etc.


World Stuff

World of Genericka Denakhan