Genericka is the name I’ve given this 5e D&D campaign “setting”. My original 5e game was/is set in my own home-brew world of Paeleen. Paeleen, however, is rather different from the normal 5e stuff in that the races are all different and the classes behave a bit differently as well. Genericka isn’t like that. If you’ve read the PHB and/or the DMG…you have a feel for what Genericka is like.

Genericka is what could best be described as “the 5e game, with a blank slate, sandbox, hexmapping foundation”. I’m going to build the world, with the help of the players playing the game, as we advance the campaign. Who knows what’s in store? I sure don’t! But it will be a hell of a fun time finding out!

History of Why?
I had a really bad week (my fibromyagia was really kicking my ass), my daughter was fighting a cold and having a hard time sleeping (and, expectedly, me), and a number of other “life things” were really making me not want to read up on RuneQuest II (that was the game we had planned on giving a shot). So, hopping myself up on T3+’s, I managed to regain some control. Long story short…I just wanted to roll some dice and stuff. I decided to just run a “generic 5e game” for Sunday’s session. I didn’t want to exclude much of any official 5e stuff, and I didn’t want to add any “outside flavour” to it. I grabbed the Idol of the Frog God from my favorite mapper (Dyson Logos; just search for “dyson’s dodechahedron”…you’ll find his page), and we were off to the races. The adventurers were rolled up, the opening scene was described, and the story begins…

As it is “generic”, if at some future date I want to transpose the whole thing onto some other world, I won’t have to do much. Right now, it’s on it’s own little “prime material plane”. Check the Wiki for info.

World of Genericka