World of Genericka

...time passes...

After Lerufic limped into Coruvon he waited. Over a week passed before Miranda showed up. She said she needed to “clear her head and re-connect with Nature”. During that week, Lerufic talked to the Alabaster Oracle about bringing back from the dead two fallen companions: Bearkiller and Larrissa. The Alabaster Oracle said she would look into it.

A couple days later The Alabaster Oracle visited the now livable “Adventure Guildhouse of the Noble League” (needs work, but all the major holes are patched). She informed Lerufic and Miranda that she has a contact who can perform the rites… for a price. The price: 3,000gp and the completed Dwarven Amulet of the Citidel. Her contact, or course, was none other than the Frog God. Without much choice in the matter (and with much anguish), he and Miranda made the trip into the swamp. It turned out that small and quiet was a good combination, with no encounters of consequence, although an encounter with a lizardman party did get a bit uneasy as the lizardmen were hungry and outnumbered the party by 5 to one. At last they reached the Frog God. The Frog God ate both “fingers”, and after a short moment or two, spat out both Bearkiller and Larrissa…naked as the day they were born. I guess it’s much the same, second time around.

Weak and confused from being dead for so long, they needed help to return to Coruvon. A slow trek back found the quartet back at their Guildhouse. Waiting for them was the Alabaster Oracle and a couple of new companions.

The Alabaster Oracle was glad to have been of use in returning two fallen heroes back into the realm of the living. Everyone was happy for a minute or two, when there was a firm knock at the door. Carefullly opening it, Lerufic was surprised to see a pair of diminutive halflings who looked oddly familiar. The halfling brothers, it turns out, need help at the Citidel. They have located a secret treasure stash, but can’t find a way around the guardian; a horrid undead, dwarven jester. Sensing something a bit more than “it’s a zombie”, the brothers wisely left for help. They offer half the treasure hoard to the League.

So, what will our newly reformed “Noble League” do? Just continue along, or take the brothers up on their offer?



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