Feat Fixes

Feats are used, currently, but I’m going to just do some outright fixin’ on some of them. Here are the core changes I’m using. Note that I will be doing any needed “power adjusting on the fly”, but hopefully with these little fixes it will be easier and more consistent.


  • Second bullet change = “Creatures have Disadvantage when trying to surprise you”

Crossbow Expert

  • Second bullet change = “…on your ranges attack rolls with crossbows.

Great Weapon Master

  • NOTE: There are now two “levels” of this Feat. They will be “Great Weapon Master 1” and “Great Weapon Master 2”. You have to have GWM1 before you can take GWM2. When you take GWM1 you get all the stuff, with the following changes:
  • Second bullet change = Change the -5 to hit / +10 damage to: (GWM1) +1 to hit / +1 damage. (GWM2) +2 to hit / +2 damage. So a GWM2 would have +3 to hit / +3 damage (just like 1e AD&D’s Specialization for Fighters (single specialization and double specialization). Yes, this means you just flat out get a bonus to hit and damage; no subtracting to hit so you can get a bonus to damage. Just a nice, simple, constant small’ish bonus.


  • Third bullet point = "You have +1 to hit / +1 damage with all ranged weapons you know how to use. Additionally, you may choose one ranged weapon that you are expert in, receiving an additional +1 to hit / +1 damage (for a total of +2 to hit / +2 damage with that single weapon).

Feat Fixes

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